Ottawa, just like any other city, has a public image. You think of its natural beauty, the Neo-Gothic architecture of the Parliament Buildings, skaters on the Rideau Canal, or the shenanigans of Question Period in the House of Commons.

These all exist. But there’s another way to look at this city: As a seat of federal power. And that power is manifested in many ways, some overt and intentional, others nearly invisible and the result of happenstance.

Official Ottawa strips the capital down to its bones by simply showing the architecture, functionaries and tableaux that represent aspects of the federal presence here. These are the people, places and things folks in Ottawa walk by every day and barely notice. They are also aspects of this city that people across Canada rarely get a chance to consider because the big media outlets prefer, instead, the public image, the obvious, the sentimental and the sensational.

But, if you look closely, power always reveals itself. And power, in all its forms, affects us all.

Newsprint, 12 x 14 inches, 48 pages including 45 photographs.

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