The Garden is the third in my series of projects that are speculative (fiction), rather than fact-based (documentary).

Episodic, impressionistic, mysterious, The Garden is drawn from the streets. A fairy tale or maybe just a trip. The protagonist makes their way through a city in some strange twilight. There is destruction, decay, loneliness and, in the end, an encounter. Is this the garden? Where is the comfort?

The Garden is is a wonderfully complex book, surprising and mature. Tony Fouhse takes us into the story with a relaxed confidence, trusting that we will understand it. The images are visually attractive: the color and tones comforting and fascinating. A fully realized book.
- Timothy Archibald

It's the light and the story-making that stick with me.
- D. Margo

Gently foreboding. Human and intimate.
- C. MacAdam

8.5x10 inches, 68 pages, 51 images, softcover in an edition of 200.
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